Who Are The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary?

We are a congregation of just over 5,000 religious women coming from all the continents of the world, living in communities and reaching out in missionary work in whatever way we can. This can be done simply through prayer support or practical work for the poor, the sick, the lonely and the underprivileged wherever we are.

We participate in the universal mission of the Church and undertake our mission in a multicultural society which is searching for meaning. Coming from different cultures ourselves, we strive to witness to unity in diversity within our communities.

As women of faith with a contemplative outlook on life, we centre our mission in the Eucharist, the bread for our missionary journey. We walk with our brothers and sisters, sharing the hopes, aspirations and brokenness of our world and we strive to live a balance of prayer and action.

Our inspiration comes from Mary of Nazareth whose openness to God’s spirit working in her made possible the birth of Jesus, the son of God.

We live our vocation within the Franciscan way by “living the Gospel in the midst of the world and following in the steps of the poor and humble Christ”

This Province

This province is made up of four countries; we have three communities in Scotland, seven communities in England, two communities in Malta and five communities in Ireland. Our Sisters in this province range in age between 30s to almost 100 years old and we come from various different countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

We seek:

  • To view the world and its realities from a feminine perspective
  • To enable women to be aware of their dignity and nurture their self-confidence andself-esteem.
  • In a divided world: to live as sisters in international communities.
  • In a consumer society: to witness to simplicity of life.
  • To deal with the effects of globalisation on the poor, the marginalised and on the environment.
  • To always share the love of God.